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New homes are great. There's just one snag ...

If you've bought a new-build home, you're probably expecting it to be absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, though, even the best new homes can have issues.

Nuven Surveyors can provide independent new build snagging surveys from £600, which could help minimise the disruption and stress of ongoing repairs once moved in to your new home. A professional snagging survey can spot problems that may otherwise go unnoticed until your property is out of its warranty period. Given that a home is the most expensive purchase most people ever make, this is money well spent.

A member of our team specialises in working with new-build homes. With over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry at one of the UKs largest and most respected house builders, you can rest assured that the snagging survey will pick up everything from minor issues, such as poor plastering and paintwork, scratched tiles or a marked worktop, to more serious, structural problems.

We report our findings directly to you and the developer, increasing the likelihood of issues being fixed quickly and (hopefully) taking some stress out of the process for you.

The developer must repair any reasonable defects reported during the first two years’ warranty period. If you are moving into a new build home or have already moved in and are within your first two years’ warranty period, then contact us for a free instant quotation. ¦ ¦ 01403 333732