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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

By Melissa Harris - Land Manager


I have been with Nuven Land/Surveyors since the beginning. I have previously worked for small companies of 5 people to large corporations with an international reach and hundreds of employees. So, I believe I have experienced all sorts of corporate cultures and management techniques. I can genuinely say that after having worked for several organisations, I have finally found my home.

I am a very hard person to please within a working environment. A lot of that is because my first job was for a psychometric testing company where they valued their employees beyond any level at the time and looked after every element of their employee's needs. After working for them I never thought I would find a company that would surpass the working environment. However, I have managed to.


If you look at the classic Maslow’s Hierarchy:


I can confirm that Nuven provides literally all of the above. However, they have added their own level which is in this day and age the most important. Mental Health. To have a company that gave Mental Health time off for all staff for working so hard during the pandemic, to have the principal of the company genuinely interested and active in promoting mental health within the workplace by making it a happy, productive, fun environment to the point of adding a gym to his company promoting wellness within the team is just unheard of but amazingly a reality.

Not only does the principal of the company have this ethos but it is continued throughout the very carefully hand-picked staff lucky enough to work here. We support each other because we want to and because we have a similar outlook on life and mindset.


If I had to summarise the company in a few words, it would be;

"Empowering | Caring | Supportive | Wellbeing | Development | Fun"

If you are lucky enough to be recruited to work here, I look forward to meeting you as I am here to stay.




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