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Q&A with Greg Tydd - a career change and journey to become an RICS Associate professional

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Why did you decide to pursue a career in surveying?

I was previously employed in the insurance industry for over 20 years, in 2018 I was made redundant and decided that I wanted to have a career change.

I had known Mark for some time and was having a social chat with him about my redundancy and that I knew I wanted to have a career change, but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Mark asked me if I have ever considered surveying to which my honest response was no, I didn’t even really know what it involved. Following some more conversations, Mark asked me if I would be interested in shadowing him over a couple of weeks to see what I thought of the role.

I can honestly say that after day one I was hooked, and after a couple of weeks with Mark I had decided that a career in surveying was for me. I enrolled onto a surveying course in London and to cut a long story short, Mark offered me the role of an Apprentice Surveyor.


What was it about Nuven that persuaded you to accept a job offer with the company?

At the time Nuven was a fairly new company and after having discussions with Mark during my shadowing time I could see the ambition and desire to grow the company, and I very much wanted to be part of that. The company ethos of flexible working was also a big lure as I have a young family.

I liked that the job was not office based, you are out and about, and no job is the same - coming from a 9-5 office job in central London this was very appealing.


What have you enjoyed the most during your time with Nuven?

Getting qualified as an AssocRICS Surveyor! After having kids this is probably the proudest moment of my life as it’s something I never thought I would achieve. I have never had much self-confidence and always doubted myself but to be able to put myself through a two year college course and come away with a diploma was a real moment for me.

I didn’t know if surveying would be something that would interest me, but since day one I have wanted to keep learning and the company has helped me do that. There is always someone to go to with questions and I always get a constructive and helpful response. I am encouraged to find answers out myself but that does not mean that I am on my own in anyway.

Doing this job has also increased by work life balance, I am always around to see my young family and Nuven being a flexible employer let me plan my days around my family so I can be involved in being a parent. You get to work the job not the hours.


What would your advice be to a candidate who has been offered a job at Nuven?

Take it!!! You will be joining a team who all work well together, we take our roles seriously but at the same time we all have a lot of fun and try to make going to work enjoyable. We are all there to help each other and the team are always there to help me when I need assistance. We also enjoy a good social night out (which I can’t always remember the next morning!).


Where would you like to be in 2 years’ time?

As I consider myself now one of the more senior members of the team, I would like to see myself in a more developmental role, helping newly qualified and apprentice surveyors and sharing what I have learnt during my process.

Nuven Surveyors operate across the South of England providing RICS Home Surveys, RICS Valuations, Damp Surveys, Thermal Imaging Surveys and New Build Snagging Surveys. We are here to guide you through the survey process and ensure that your dream home does not become a nightmare. Our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and with that comes the experience and knowledge to provide you with an in-depth report. Our focus is on customer communication and local knowledge - each surveyor only operates within a small area from their base, allowing them to spend more time on each instruction to ensure they can offer our customers the best possible service.

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