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Struggling to Hire Good People: A Major Challenge Impacting Business Growth

By Mark O'Halloran - Owner


As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges I face is the struggle to hire good people. It's a concern that impacts our growth and keeps me up at night.

The advancement of surveying technology has undoubtedly brought numerous benefits and efficiencies to our industry. However, it has also presented some hurdles. I believe that technology is deskilling our industry, creating a gap between the skills required for the job and the skills possessed by potential candidates.

Finding qualified surveyors with the specific skills and knowledge our industry demands has become increasingly difficult. Traditional recruitment methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. We need individuals who not only possess technical skills, but also have the ability to adapt and learn new technologies.

Furthermore, the competition for talent is fierce. Larger companies with deeper pockets often have the advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, leaving smaller businesses like mine at a disadvantage.

However, I remain hopeful. With the right strategies and approaches, we can overcome these obstacles. We must continuously adapt our recruitment methods, explore new channels for finding talent, and invest in ongoing training and development programmes. For me, attitude is key!

Building a strong employer brand and fostering a positive company culture are also crucial to attract and retain top talent. By creating an environment that values learning, growth, and collaboration, we can position ourselves as an attractive option for skilled individuals.

While the struggle to hire good people may be a significant challenge for my business, I am confident that with perseverance and the right mindset, we can navigate through these obstacles and continue to grow and thrive.

If you have any suggestions or experiences to share, I would love to hear from you. Let's connect and learn from each other!


Nuven Surveyors operate across the South of England providing RICS Home Surveys, RICS Valuations, Damp Surveys, Thermal Imaging Surveys and New Build Snagging Surveys. We are here to guide you through the survey process and ensure that your dream home does not become a nightmare. Our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and with that comes the experience and knowledge to provide you with an in-depth report. Our focus is on customer communication and local knowledge - each surveyor only operates within a small area from their base, allowing them to spend more time on each instruction to ensure they can offer our customers the best possible service.

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