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Who cares about HR... WE do!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

By Ben Watkins, BA (Hons), Assoc CIPD - HR Operations Manager


My name is Ben Watkins, and I am the HR Operations Manager at Nuven Surveyors. I have been working in HR for just over 10 years, previously working for the University of Surrey and Surrey Police. I joined the Nuven Team in October 2021 and haven’t looked back since. Working in HR can at times be a frustrating and a lonely place. Both management and employees are often coming to you with their problems and expect you to sort them out for them. Here at Nuven we are all one team and collaborate to solve any issues in all areas of the business. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the management team looking to drive the company forward and create a positive working culture. A culture where employees can enjoy their work and ensure that they are learning something new every day.


Working in a company that offers so much flexibility has been great for me personally, I have two children under three and being able to pick them up from nursery has made my family’s life so much easier. All employees are trusted to complete their own work, and as long as SLAs are met, this can be as and when throughout the day. Here at Nuven we understand that being present and looking after your family or friends can be very stressful when balancing work responsibilities. We feel that if we can offer this flexibility it takes away some of the stresses of everyday life.


We are currently trying to recruit experienced surveyors who can help to drive the company forward. We are trying to grow the company organically and ensure that any surveyors who come in can feel part of the Nuven team. For me recruitment is not just about whether the person can do the job, the individual needs to buy into the organisational culture, be willing to help others, want to try and learn something new every day and want to be part of this great team. We may not currently be able to offer some of the perks that larger companies do, however, I can guarantee that you will feel appreciated and will benefit from are very fair and comprehensive bonus structure.

Check out our Careers page for more information.

Nuven Surveyors operate across the South of England providing RICS Home Surveys, RICS Valuations, Damp Surveys, Thermal Imaging Surveys and New Build Snagging Surveys. We are here to guide you through the survey process and ensure that your dream home does not become a nightmare. Our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and with that comes the experience and knowledge to provide you with an in-depth report. Our focus is on customer communication and local knowledge - each surveyor only operates within a small area from their base, allowing them to spend more time on each instruction to ensure they can offer our customers the best possible service.

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